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Hi EveryBody,
with everyones request I am back again. Keep Checking this space for review on real Estate, Technology, Health, Food, Movie, Lifestyle, Social Issues.

Sec: Technology
why six sigma - vachak
long distance calls
Data Backup - vachak
xp performance
save your Personal Computer (New Entry )
Free softwares from Microsoft ( New Entry )

Sec: BPO Call Center Training
Call Center Training
offshore outsourcing services - vachak

Sec: Health
Healthy Eating - vachak

Sec: LifeStyle
Going to SPA
Designer Kitchen - vachak

Sec: Cinema or Movie, Television
DTH Review (New Entry)
Celeb watch
Mega Release This Friday

Sec: Real Estate
Real Estate Review (New Entry)
Understanding Appraisals

Sec: Useful Tips
Pre Move Planner

This list is growing big. Should I keep it on one page only or any better idea. waiting for It.
After reading Please do not forget to express your own views.
Thanks once again for all the support.
Its all about freedom to Speak


comp said...

Looks great
I like the Bollywood celeb blogs update at one place.
technology section is wonderful expecting lot more coming from you about xp and other MS Products.Why donot you write about how to prepare oneself for callcenters.

Rajmani said...

wow.We should have some good healthy recipes from you.Give it a try.